Getting Started

Welcome to Msngr!

Msngr gives you control over smart interactions that give you the quickest and most efficient connection to people.When someone texts a keyword, to your number, you can automatically respond with  links to forms, notes, images, or you can ask a question to conversationally gather more information.

Welcome to your Dashboard

We’ve given you an easy to use dashboard for setting up and monitoring your keywords. There’s a few other useful tools like scheduling outgoing messages, shorten and tracking link urls, and exporting CSV’s. We hope you enjoy it and let us know what tools you’d like to see added.

Choosing a Number

If you haven’t chosen a number for you account you can choose a number with your area code or you can look for numbers with words in them, Like 909-32MSNGR. Regardless of the number you choose, our hope is that your audience gets use to it and saves it in their phone. Then it won’t matter what the number looks like, it will become the easiest touch-point between them and you.

Let’s look at how to create a keyword!

If you have any questions please text “support” to 949-525-4999.